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Welcome to Thorpe Ancestry

“You can view the list of relatives, but you will need to log in to view the family tree.¬†This is only because I have had too ¬†many robot computers accessing the website. The only e-mail you will receive from thorpeancestry will be when registering for the first time.”

Meanwhile, I’m happy that you have stopped by my page to research for lost ancestors. Others before me did most of the work, but I was able to add additional information. If you have more to add, or if you find an error, leave me a message and we’ll check it out, and change it if necessary. So start shaking those branches




March 26, 2015 Update

I’m still trying to figure out my menu configuration and some minor errors in the family tree. Some folks are showing up twice.

Continue to bear with me while I try to get help with these issues.

Steve Thorpe

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